Chanel ”Little Black Jacket Exhibition

Art Exhibit in New York City!

The exhibit features 113 black-and-white photographs of celebrities and socialites wearing custom Chanel jackets.

Every designer dreams of inventing the Chanel jacket. It’s up there with jeans or the T-shirt; it is gender-neutral—that is to say, it can be womenswear or menswear.” – said Karl Lagerfeld

On display in New York City through June 15, the exhibition moves now onto Taipei and other cities.

Cette exposition compte 113 portraits de célébrités et autres it-girls en noir et blanc portant la petite veste noire de Chanel. Jusqu’au 15 Juin a New York, l’exposition s’envole pour Taipei et sera certainement bientôt dans une ville près de chez vous!

visit one day in April by Melody..



A-Morir gozlukler online shop

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Paintings by Andre Kohn

Andre Kohn was born in Stalingrad in the heart of the former Soviet Union. He spent his first 12 years in the Southern part of the country near the Caspian Sea. Growing up in the small town of Baku gave Kohn an appreciation for nature, which he carries with him to this day. For years Andre had pursued a sports career, and had become a promising young athlete by his teens. He had always been a romantic at heart, so at the age of 15 he left athletics to study art. He began by studying the works of the masters, surrounding himself with volumes of texts. He found his way into the studios of some of the most prominent artists in Russia, including painter Natalya Govrishenko and sculptor Anatoly Vrubel. Studying under these talented artists he developed a love for the world of art and a passion to make his own contribution. Kohn spent years honing his skills through personal studies and work as a scenic artist before enrolling in the Fine Arts Department at a prestigious Russian university. The art world began taking notice of the 19 year old freshman. He was invited to exhibit his paintings in a one-man show at the Central Exhibition Hall in Ruse, Bulgaria. The event drew press from all over the country, bringing Kohn into the public spotlight. Many of his works were purchased for private and corporate collections.

The Birth of Venus,(in Italian: Nascita di Venere)


Venüs’ün doğuşu, İtalyan ressam Sandro Botticelli’nin 1482-1486 yılları arasında tuval üzerine tempera ile çizdiği tablodur. Tabloda, Venüs’ün ergen bir kadın olarak denizden doğarak kıyıya çıkışı betimlenir. Dünyanın en bilinen resimlerinden biri olan tablo, Floransa’daki Uffizi’de sergilenmektedir.

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