Surfing not only the wave of fashion

sitting on the dock of the bay ,thinking about this years holiday..

Brigitte Bardot in St. Tropez via Torypedia.

I love green inspiration

I know it’s quite early to talk about summer holidays, but it is definitely a good way to go on smartly with the day and to look at the future with great enthusiasm! (I have to say sorry for the levity of my post since a part of Italy  is shaking from the earthquake). At the end of July I’m attending my first real course of surfing … please pay attention, I said ‘surf’, and it means only me, a table and the sea . Being a beginner, I had only few lessons near Rome last autumn, I have decided not to go to any intercontinental locations. California or Hawaii is better to reserve for the future
if the passion is taking roots. Super-fashionable place as Biarritz I thought to avoid right now…,so I’m going to the more friendly and perhaps less demanding Spain, in Cadiz, near the Strait of Gibraltar. This sport has always  fascinated me, I must admit also for girl’s & guy’s outfit and look, for the beautiful beaches, for the contact with nature and the carefree moments that…

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