Wendy’s Spring Origami..Patricia Chang

Patricia Chang was born and raised in New York by Korean immigrant parents.

The Patricia Chang collection is a collaboration of opposing elements.  Whimsical, yet elegant – classic, yet modern – fierce, yet feminine, Chang’s creative management of these elements in her creations results in a look that is confident and chic.
Please visit : http://patriciachang.net/

also visit : http://www.wendyslookbook.com/2012/04/spring-origami-structured-blazer-lime-dress/#disqus_thread



Strut Your Stuff in Bold Wedding Shoes…

Gelinlikğin altına illa da beyaz ayakkabı şartmı?

Is it a condition to wear white shoes with your swollen wedding dress?I recommend silver..Thats also what i did..

Mavi YSL Sandaletler bu sezonki favorim…

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