ANNDRA NEEN : Anndra Neen was founded in April 2009 by sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens.


As an expression of their shared vision for jewelry and accessories, their design evokes their personal histories and inspirations. Born and raised in Mexico City, they attended college in the United States. They then moved to New York City where Phoebe became a fashion specialist for Phillips de Pury and Annette pursued a career in theatre. During a trip to Japan, the sisters decided to start their own jewelry line.


Have you ever experienced shortness of breath at the sight of a shoe sale?

Did you know that blonde warbler Christina Aguilera has 750 pairs of shoes in her walk-in wardrobe?

Anyone who’s stood in a Jimmy Choo store and contemplated whether she’d really miss eating for the next couple of weeks will tell you that shoe addiction is a very real thing. A recent poll of 1,057 women found that the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes and only ever wears four of those regularly. We’re going to hazard a very unpopular opinion here and say we think 20…no wait 40, okay, 50, yes 50 pairs means you’re dancing on the edge of an addiction. But we aren’t going to judge you, we’re just here with outstretched arms, ready to help.

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